Building A Dynasty
Everything discussed about building a dynasty in Game Plan chapter 7 (recession proof your business; stay focused; expand your income streams; be ready to adapt and evolve) is true. Each of those elements are an essential ingredient in building a longterm, successful business. Two other key ingredients are satisfied, loyal customers and satisfied, quality employees.
Without quality, happy employees it is very difficult to build a loyal customer base. Loyal customers become that way because they know exactly what to expect from your business, from you, and from your team. These customers will not become loyal and stay loyal if you provide less than desired service, your processes are irradic, and your employee team is disgruntled.
Being able to build a dynasty has a great deal to do with having an understanding of your market’s wants, needs and preferences; establishing efficient and effective processes to meet and exceed customer expectations; and having satisfied, happy employees executing those processes in a timely, customer friendly manner.
A successful business is within your grasp. You just need to stay focused on the fundamentals of people, processes, service and customers.
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