Continuous Learning

Many people graduate from high school or college, think they can get a job, continue to make money, and be successful for the rest of their lives. Not only do they believe they will they continue to make money; they believe they will make more over time, sitting in the same job with the same skills they had at graduation. Their common perception is that since they are done with the classroom, they are done with learning. They have the skill set and abilities necessary to help them achieve in their careers and in their lives.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Technology and business practices change over time, making it necessary for people to adapt. In addition, people don’t become better at their jobs by simply sitting at their desks, doing the same thing they’ve always done.

Every inspiring entrepreneur should understand the term “continuous learning.” Employees should strive to achieve continuous learning and training outside of a traditional classroom environment. By improving skills, employees make themselves more competitive and better assets.

What exactly is continuous learning? Carter McNamara, MBA, PhD, of Authenticity Consulting, LLC. describes it as a lifestyle: ‚ÄúSimply put, continuous learning is the ability to learn to learn. Learning need not be a linear event where a learner goes to a formal learning program, gains areas of knowledge and skills about a process, and then the learning ceases. If the learner can view life (including work) as a “learning program,” then the learner can continue to learn from almost everything in life. As a result, the learner continues to expand his or her capacity for living, including working‚Äù (

Fostering an environment of continuous learning will also help you (the business owner) continue relationship building. You are improving your relationship with your employees and creating a happier and more successful business environment. Your employees (and your business) will achieve more success through continuous learning.

Being a good employer means helping your employees achieve their goals. Ultimately, they may outgrow their job – that’s ok! They will continue on to other jobs, but they helped your business improve in the long run. In addition, they will continue to speak highly of your business, further increasing your networking and relationship building.

Most importantly, don’t forget how much continuous learning will improve your business in the long-term. Although you may already have a successful business with successful employees, don’t stop there. A good entrepreneur is always looking for the best ways to improve himself and his employees. Your employees are your greatest assets. Even though they may already be outstanding employees, there is always room for improvement. Implement and encourage continuous learning to make the most out of your employees and your business.

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