Core Values Can Be A Key to Business Performance

Many times over the years I have had conversations with people about what they like or dislike about their jobs and the company in which they are employed. Often I heard about frustrations from both the ownership level, as well as the employee level that were based on a conflect of personal core values and beliefs.

A business owner might complain about employees who do not share his work ethic, trustworthiness or sense of commitment. An employee might voice concern over how customers, employees and suppliers are treated by their company. In some cases, the ethics and morals of the business owner and employee were so contrary to each other that the employee was terminated by their employer or they resigned.

It is a good practice today for a company to create written vision and mission statements. In addition, clarifying and communicating an organization’s core values and beliefs (i.e., standards of behavior) helps provide the tools for individual members to make the right decisions and demonstrate the correct behaviors as expressed by the leadership of the company.

Core values and beliefs were so important to Charles Brewer, founder of the Internet Service Provider, Mindspring (now known as Earthlink), that he created them before he even decided what kind of business he wanted to establish. Before starting Mindspring, Mr. Brewer wrote out a list of guiding principles by which he would run his company and attract talented employees. Operating his company according to his core values and beliefs, Mindspring experienced record-breaking sales, rapid growth, and a superior reputation for high-quality service and reliability. Mindspring was also known as a great place to work…where people had fun, learned a lot and felt like they were making a positive contribution.

A client of mine with whom I worked in defining his company’s Core Values and Beliefs, indicated this was one of the most significant accomplishments we achieved together. He “walks his talk” and uses his written Core Values and Beliefs to reinforce the high-level of employee and customer care he expects from members of his organization. Implementing and positiveley reinforcing his personal values throughout his company has earned his business a stellar reputation in his industry, increased sales in a depressed economy and propelled him to a higher level of success and fulfillment. Also, there is consistency in how everyone in his company interacts with each other and those outside the business.

Getting in touch with your personal values and beliefs will not only aid you in building your business, it will also improve your personal life. It can enhance your existing relationships and attract others who are of like mind and spirit.

A word of caution; living in integrity with your personal values and beliefs can also make painfully obvious those relationships in your life where there is a conflict. You may find that disconnecting from those people who do not share your values and beliefs or limiting your exposure to them is the healthiest solution for you. As difficult as this can be, the great news is that your overall quality of life is maximized by surrounding yourself with high-caliber individuals.

Coach Gail has been working with small business owners, managers and sales professionals for over 20 years. Located in the Panhandle of Florida, Coach Gail coaches her clients by phone and they are located throughout the United States. All of Coach Gail’s clients want to excel in their chosen fields and have a desire to continually develop themselves, their businesses and their team members. You can learn more about the results Coach Gail has helped her clients achieve by visiting her web site at You can also reach her by calling 850-927-4245 or emailing at [email protected].

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