Human Capital – Recommended Readings
Title    Author    Posted
Gung Ho!    Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles    04/14/2010 @ 12:27 pm
Bringing Out the Best in People    Aubrey C. Daniels    04/14/2010 @ 12:26 pm
25 Ways to Win with People by John Maxwell    Molly Wurzer    04/14/2010 @ 12:26 pm
Hiring the Best    Martin Yate and Martin John Yate    04/14/2010 @ 12:25 pm
Now, Discover Your Strengths    Marcus Buckingham & Donald O Clifton    04/14/2010 @ 12:23 pm
First, Break All The Rules    Marcus Buckingham    04/14/2010 @ 12:22 pm
Who Moved My Cheese?    Spencer Johnson M.D.    04/14/2010 @ 12:21 pm
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