Imaging and its Effects on Productivity

Over the past 15+ years, my staff and I have implemented thousands of hardware and software solutions to increase the productivity of offices by reducing or eliminating the use of paper in a business workflow. We have developed proven case studies that show how a well implemented imaging solution can reduce unnecessary staff tasking as well as eliminate hard cost budgetary items in regards to paper based transactions.

The hard cost of paper that consumes revenue is a combination of factors such as “negative” square footage (filing cabinets and off- site storage), office hardware (copiers and fax machines) and office supplies (ink, toner and paper). In a paper based organization these are necessary operational costs, but not in a paperless environment. For the sake of efficiency and productivity in your office, research the hard costs of these items and keep in mind that these budgetary items compound as your business expands. As your business grows, so does the mountain of paper to be filed, as well as the number of ink cartridges and boxes of paper you are forced to buy!

In nearly all applications of business, we can assume that staff time and productivity will be affected by the simple process of filing and retrieval of documents. Neither of these tasks positively impact productivity. By adding a versatile imaging solution to your business, redundant tasks now take seconds instead of minutes, adding up to hours in the typical work week. For staff that currently has filing responsibilities, depending on their individual skill set, there are a few recommendations to be made. Clerical staff can be retrained to become imaging staff, if not Customer Service Reps, or better yet revenue producers for your successful business.

AOS has implemented paperless workflows in a variety of vertical markets with Easyfile, our Document Imaging Solution of choice. No matter what the business does, there are two key pieces of a productive imaging solution. First, proper equipment such as scanners for incoming paper based documents such as mail; accompanied by quality workflow capture tools, assisting electronically with daily activities, to reduce the amount of paper you produce. An accurate imaging solution provider inserts itself precisely before the page is printed, and asks, why? Some examples of available technology products are Easyfile’s e-doc viewer, allowing for digital alterations such as adding signatures and notes on documents, universal application plug-ins, direct e-printing, e-faxing, and upload capability and finally indexing applications to save documents away quickly, easily and most importantly, accurately.

Second, a search and retrieval feature that allows you to find, and then transition your documents. Each document, photo, voice file, etc. requires indexing to save the file into the imaging solution. Indexing allows for specific search identifiers to retrieve the file you are looking for quickly and accurately. Now that you have found the appropriate document, you can attach notes or messages such as

[à Sign here X_____________] and have the ability through Easyfile’s e- docviewer, to transition that document electronically via fax or email, directly from your search results, and most importantly without the use of paper.

Productivity, especially in today’s business environment, means more than properly allocating staff time. Productivity is aligning the tools and resources that you have, or can acquire, to gain control on costs, driving your business towards profit. Paper based transactions are a drain on productivity & Productivity = Profit! As far as the paper goes… believe me you won’t miss it!!


Matt Smith is a graduate of Temple University’s, Fox School of Business. After graduating he partnered with AOS, and has established the company as a leading Document Imaging Software provider. AOS assists clients through consultation to achieve their unique paperless business objectives. Matt has focused AOS towards the emerging need for increased productivity and reduction of cost by implementing imaging solutions in nearly all of today’s complex business environments.

Written by: Matt Smith, VP AOSDigital

O: 800 511 2679

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