Leveraging Technology

Leveraging Technology…Only To Improve or Enhance is a chapter about evaluating and building business processes through the use of technology without going overboard. Technology should be used to enhance, improve, and grow your business, not overload your business. Most importantly, this chapter is a reminder that business is about building and strengthening relationships with your customers, and technology should be used to improve these relationships.
By the end of the chapter, you will understand and improve the use of the technology you already have in place. Leveraging Technology will provide you with the keys to making the most out of your business.

The web site is set up with tabs for Articles, Examples, Recommended Reading and Web Links that are related to the concepts discussed in Chapter 5 of the book. You can click on the highlighted text embedded throughout the website, use the menu bars under each section or use the search function. Please use these references to enhance your knowledge and wisdom. If you have questions, comments, suggestions or would like to contribute information for others to see please contact us.

“Technology is dominated by two types of people: those who understand what they do not manage, and those who manage what they do not understand.”
Putt’s Law

“Any sufficiently advance technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
Arthur C. Clarke

“Tame your technology… or it will become your master. In today’s highly connected world, you must define boundaries around your time.”
Lee J. Colan

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